Welcome to "Icon Survival Wrestling"

Icon Survival Wrestling is the biggest, most aggressive, ruthless and deadliest wrestling federation. Here at the Icon Survival Wrestling tournament organisation, the most sinister fighters collide, true "Icon"s must fight for "Survival" to win their place at the top of all "Wrestling" above the entire world. This is no simpleton game, this is the Icon Survival Wrestling championship tournament organisation federation.

King Raj        -      Founder Boss

" The Native Beast" Nova Rose   -     C.E.O/C.O.O


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About ISW

Icon Survival Wrestling began as a federation called Dominant Attitude Brawling. This was a spectacular federation with lots of hype until one day, they made a regretable mistake in storytelling, they fired one of the best superstars in the company, from this point on the federation was unacitve, not a single user had visited. One day a new federation was stared known as World Wrestling Action. King Raj from Dominant Attitude Brawling saw this chance as come-back, to run another successful federation, and as the new federation had little experience, it is was ideal for them to merge. From that point onward, a new federation was started with a clean slate, the beginning of the greatest federation ever, Icon Survival Wrestling (ISW).

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