Welcome to Icon Survival Wrestling Official Rules. All rules here are enforced for valid reasons to keep all members safe while using our services by preventing harm in any possible way. But also to keep this E-Federation clean and professional. However the rules are not just things to followed with punishments, they are also duties to be carried out so there is cause to see our rules with positivity. These are listed below:


  • No Swearing/Abusive Language
  • Absolutely NO bullying
  • Absolutely NO sexual or racist harassment or offence in any conduct
  • You must vote every time a new Match Card is released
  • Ensure that you have completed your "Debut Promo"
  • Ensure IF you're a member, that you are on the roster, if not contact King Raj
  • No Advertising of other E-Federations or other Wikis without King Raj's permission

Rights and Regulations:

  • Respect other people's thoughts, feelings, preferences and personalties
  • Appreciate your position, if there is any betrayal and said person(nes) tries taking over, they're fired
  • No innapropriate behavior on chat, message wall of reply to other people's comments
  • Administrators do not have the right to block anyone without consulting King Raj
  • General Managers must follow all their specific rules or else action will take place


  • breaking a rule - 1 week ban
  • sexual harassment - 2 week ban
  • racist harassment - 2 week ban
  • any other harassment - 2 week ban
  • vandalism or destructivity - 1 month ban
  • anything out of order, extremely bang out - fired for life
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